Whichever way you look at it, smoking is and has always been dangerous. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise when nearly half a million deaths occurring in the United States every year are as a result of cigarette smoking. Most ailments and diseases that ensue from smoking cigarettes to cause death could be prevented by quitting. The problem however is that quitting is very difficult and quite a lot of smokers find that no matter how hard they try, they cannot break free from the act. In fact, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, only 6% of nearly half of all smokers who try to quit in a given year succeed. That’s how difficult it is.

Today, there are quite a number of ways and treatment options available to help wean one off his/her addiction to tobacco products. They include nicotine replacement therapies like gums and lozenges and prescription medication like Chantix. To an extent, these treatment options are effective but using them has its own drawbacks. Prescription drugs like Chantix are not only quite expensive; they also induce negative side effects in the user. Nicotine replacement therapies not only come with their own side effects, one can end up getting addicted to them as well. In the face of all these, it might seem like there is no hope for those trying to break away from their nicotine addiction. However, with ever-growing research and anecdotal evidence about the effectiveness of CBD in helping to treat nicotine addiction, hope may not be lost after all.

Why quitting is so difficult
When someone starts smoking cigarettes, the nicotine molecules go to work by beginning to reprogram the synaptic receptors in the brain and this – over a period of time – helps create a physical dependence on the drug. Every time the user smokes, nicotine molecules trigger a spike in dopamine levels in the brain leading to this euphoric feeling experienced by the user. As the user begins to smoke continuously, dopamine and other neurochemical receptors of the brain are tampered with by nicotine receptors so that there is no other way to release dopamine other than through consumption of the drug. It then becomes difficult to break free from the drug because, without it, the brain finds it impossible to churn out the same levels of dopamine that would otherwise be produced from using the drug.

CBD and cigarettes
In a 2013 study conducted by researchers from University College London, 24 participants who were trying to quit smoking were each given an inhaler for use every single time the urge to smoke kicked in. The thing about the inhalers was that some were CBD infused whilst others just placebo inhalers. After a week, those who used the placebo inhalers reported little had changed with respect to the amounts of cigarettes they smoked whiles those who used the CBD-infused inhalers reported they were able to reduce their use of cigarettes by a combined amount of 40%.

“These preliminary data, combined with the string preclinical, rationale for use of this compound, suggest CBD to be a potential treatment for nicotine addiction that warrants further explanation,” the researchers concluded.

CBD can help with withdrawal symptoms
As mentioned earlier in the article, trying to withdraw from smoking cigarettes produces anything but positive effects in the body and life of a user. It could cause severe stress, tension, anxiety and splitting headaches for the user. With CBD found to help reduce stress, depression, anxiety, etc., the role of CBD in helping to treat nicotine addiction makes an awful lot of sense.

Not only that, because of its anti-inflammatory properties, CBD can help in reducing the accompanying headaches and body pain that follows when one tries to withdraw. CBD it is thought could also curb sleep irregularities in addicts who try to withdraw from smoking cigarettes by improving their sleep cycles. With CBD able to tackle lots of these withdrawal symptoms, the addict is likely to go through life finding less and less reason to reach out for a stick of cigarette.

Don’t give up now if you are trying to quit smoking. If anything at all, now is the time to go all out to break free. With the influx of CBD and its products all over the place, there won’t be a better time. Quitting may be hard but CBD might just hold the answers. You will never know if you don’t try.