Knowledge about cannabidiol (CBD) and what it can do is on the rise. Almost everywhere you turn to, whether natural health stores, online and even pet stores, you are likely to find one form of CBD product or the other. It’s the hottest commodity in town today and for good reason too. Considering the wide array of therapeutic benefits that CBD has for the masses, it isn’t very surprising to see why there is so much craze out there for it. If you are interested in using CBD or are using CBD now, one thing that may be of interest to you right now may be how long the substance stays in your system after usage. It’s good that you reading this because that’s exactly what we are going to find out.

What happens when you consume CBD?
We all know how potent CBD is and with anecdotal evidence flying all over the place, CBD can be thought of as a substance fortified with natural properties that help to provide relief for people battling with so many conditions including pain, stress, anxiety, depression, etc. It is important to note however that the body can only process only about 35% of CBD whether it is smoked or ingested or gotten into the body through any other means possible.

When CBD is vaped, within a few minutes after inhalation, CBD quickly goes to work and high concentrations of it reach the blood. On the other hand, it may take 90 or so minutes for CBD to reach peak concentration levels in the blood when taken orally. In both cases, CBD travels through the blood and to the liver where it is processed and finally out of the body through the kidney or digestive tracts.

How long does CBD stay in your system?
CBD’S duration in a person’s system really depends. The following are some loose estimates based on limited research done about the half-life of CBD.

CBD will stay up to 3 days in the body with single use

CBD will stay 3-5 days in the body with moderate use

CBD will stay up to 10 days or a bit more in the body with repeated use.

When we talk about “half-life,” what we are talking about is how long it takes for the total quantity of drug or in this case CBD to reduce by half of its original value. A small study in 2016 published in the journal Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research showed how in 5 participants the average half-life of CBD after a single dose lasted between 27-35 days. Inferring from this study, it could mean that the quantity of CBD could be reduced by half in just over a day.

Factors influencing the duration of CBD in your system
How long CBD stays in a person’s system, though the figures up there could give you an idea, really is somewhat dependant on the individual. Factors like an individual’s
• Body weight
• Lifestyle
• Individual biochemistry
• The dosage and how often CBD is consumed could all play a role on how long CBD lasts in the system of an individual.

Will CBD show up when you a take drug test?
No! CBD will not show up in a drug test. Most drug tests that are conducted are done to detect the presence of THC in a person’s system so it is very unlikely you’d be busted for CBD. If the test is being conducted categorically for the presence of CBD, you should duly be informed. However, CBD in itself isn’t prohibited and you should have no trouble with the authorities whatsoever since CBD is not included in standard tests. Trouble only comes about when the product you are taking in contains traces of THC. If you’ve been taking the product for a long time, then the detection of THC in your system could put you in trouble. It is always advisable to buy CBD products that contain no THC and have tested by a third-party laboratory. When buying a CBD product from your retailer, do well to find out such information.