If you just began using CBD or are thinking of using CBD in the very new future, there may be no shortage of questions swirling in your mind right now about it. Are there side effects in using CBD? Will it have altering effects on the mind? Is it legal? And a whole lot of other questions. However, one of the perhaps, most important questions any user or potential user of CBD could ask him or herself is why the effects of CBD when taken by individual A is different when taken by individual B. You probably might be thinking why as well.

Effects of CBD on an individual
The effects of CBD are many, and as we’ve already mentioned, they vary from one individual to the other. Of course, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) haven’t come out to give out their approval for CBD but that doesn’t take away the potential that CBD has been able to help treat a variety of health conditions. When taken, CBD tends to provide a very relaxing and calming effect on the user; much like the feeling marijuana has on a user. It’s just that with CBD, the user feels none of the “high” feeling or psychoactive effects that marijuana brings. CBD is also likely to bring relief to pain.

What side effects can be associated with CBD?
CBD doesn’t have any side effects on the user. CBD is from the hemp plant. The hemp plant contains very minimal amounts of THC, often 0.3% or less and so with no or very minute amounts of THC in the hemp plant, CBD poses no risks to the user. You cannot even overdose on CBD. Since you cannot get high using CBD and cannot overdose on it, CBD can even be used by children. This should tell you how safe it is using the compound.

Why does CBD affect people differently?
Just like the way our bodies process food very differently from each other, our bodies our going to process medications (in this case CBD) differently from each other. Someone may be a glutton and not add on any significant pounds to his/her body whilst another may even try staying away from food, yet keeps putting on weight much to his/her frustration. In the same vein, CBD when taken into the body is going to react and produce different effects in different people.

Also, CBD products come in different strengths. For example, the potency the CBD oil bought by individual A may be slightly powerful than that of individual B and that could also explain why the product works differently in different people.

Again, if for instance, you are a heavy person, you might have to take more doses of CBD to see any significant changes as compared to someone who is a bit thinner.

Males – in comparison to females – may also find that they have to take extra doses to come close to feeling any effect that their female counterparts do. When it comes to how CBD affects one’s mood also, females may find that they respond more sensitively in that regard than males. All of these go to show how CBD affects each and everyone differently. Your chemical and genetic structure is vastly different from mine and may play a significant role in how your body processes substances and compounds (CBD inclusive) so don’t be too disturbed why CBD seems to be working for this person and that person and doesn’t seem to be working for you.

The vital thing is to find out what works well for you. For starters, you should begin taking CBD in smaller doses and if nothing seems to be happening, begin increasing the doses till you begin to experience the therapeutic benefits as you continue adding to the doses. Remember that you cannot overdose on CBD.